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The ADS Webstore

The ADS Webstore provides a way for people to buy publications, books, and show supplies. We have computer media such as CDs and DVDs with programs and presentations and historical documents. Interested people can join the ADS via the Webstore and anyone can donate money to help the ADS pay our server hosting costs and our operating costs.

The American Daffodil Society (ADS) was founded in 1954 to promote wider interest in daffodils; to encourage scientific research and education on daffodil culture, breeding, diseases, pests, exhibiting, and testing; to encourage, coordinate, and sponsor shows and exhibitions of daffodils; to record and disseminate horticultural information about daffodils and issue publications for such purpose; and to register daffodil varieties and standardize their names in cooperation with international authorities.

The ADS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational, charitable organization supported by memberships. The ADS has members in 47 states and in a variety of countries including, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, South Korea, and Sweden.

The American Daffodil Society's websites daffodilusa, DaffNet, DaffTube, DaffSeek and DaffLibrary are hosted on ADS computers which are located in a commercial data-center in the United States.

The ADS maintains an Internet-based daffodil database/query system, DaffSeek.org and publishes several books that list and describe registered daffodil cultivars, including Daffodils to Show and Grow, which is updated approximately every four years.

The ADS publishes quarterly The Daffodil Journal, an 80-page color magazine that covers all aspects of daffodil culture, breeding, and exhibition.

The ADS cooperates with The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) by accepting and forwarding registrations for new daffodil cultivars from American registrants.

The ADS webstore enables one to become a member of the American Daffodil Society.

By joining the ADS and becoming a member, you will receive a variety of benefits and help pay the computer operating costs that provide you with these valuable Internet resources. You will join a worldwide group of "daffodil people" interested in gardening, growing, showing, or hybridizing and creating newer forms of daffodils.

Membership in the American Daffodil Society includes:

  • Quarterly issues of The Daffodil Journal, a publication containing beautiful color photos and articles
  • Invitation to attend annual National Daffodil Shows and Conventions
  • Newsletters from your ADS Regional Vice President
  • Invitation to attend Regional meetings in some areas
  • Internet Support for DaffSeek, DaffTube, DaffNet, and DaffLibrary
  • Information about local daffodil societies in your area
  • Daffodil growing advice unique to your region
  • 'Yellow Fever' friendships and fun!